We are witnessing a shift in the energy paradigm. Businesses must prepare to transform their operations to hit net zero targets, with hydrogen emerging as a frontrunning solution to cut emissions. In the race to lead the global hydrogen economy, North America has the potential to be at the forefront, with the market expecting to generate $140 billion+ per annum by 2030. However, challenges exist across production costs, incentivizing demand, infrastructure, and sourcing capital. For hydrogen to truly redefine the energy landscape, now is the time share solutions and build long-lasting partnerships. Reuters Events: Hydrogen North America 2023 takes place on 23rd October 2023 and will unite policymakers and executives to drive forward the hydrogen economy. Together, we will navigate the US policy landscape, scale up production, prepare essential infrastructure, assess end-use applications and, above all, demonstrate hydrogen’s commercial viability. This is the unmissable event for forward-thinkers and pioneers to advance the North American hydrogen economy as we enter the new energy paradigm. No single government or company can do it alone.

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