To date, there has been little progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, despite the fact that 20% of the country's greenhouse gases are attributable to this sector. Against the backdrop of worsening climate change and corresponding political measures to secure long-term prosperity, alternative drive systems are becoming increasingly attractive, both environmentally and economically.

One key technology is green hydrogen produced with renewable energy. Vehicles that run entirely or partially on Green Hydrogen have their greatest potential in areas designed for long distances and high mileage.

The Cluster Mobility advises and accompanies HYPOS members e.g. in the individual fleet changeover, overview of possible applications of FC vehicles e.g. on the rail, in logistics, in the construction industry or further special vehicles of the fire departments or technical relief organizations. HYPOS members benefit from initial consultations on applicable technologies, contact with network partners and other synergies.

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Florian Thamm, B. A.
Project and cluster management

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