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The market ramp-up of a green hydrogen economy in Central Germany and beyond is about to be implemented in the coming years. This will be accompanied by the use of corresponding technologies in the field of renewable energies, electrolysis, transport and storage technologies as well as its future use in the chemical industry, refineries, mobility and energy supply.

Hydrogen technologies have already been in use for decades, and SMEs and research institutions in the region combine a high level of expertise in areas such as electrical and geotechnical engineering, mechanical engineering, safety, and process and materials engineering. These must be combined in the best possible way with the challenges of the energy transition and the cross-sectoral application possibilities of green hydrogen. The market ramp-up will require specialists from different occupational groups and educational levels with different information and knowledge needs. Competent actors are needed to support them with expertise and technical skills, as well as to develop tailor-made education and training opportunities.

The Knowledge Transfer Cluster advises and supports HYPOS members, among other topics, in consulting on education and training opportunities with a hydrogen focus, in developing individual education and training offers for heterogeneous target groups, and in networking with relevant regional and national partners.

Project: HYPOS macht Schule

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