The exchange of goods requires an infrastructure. At this point, all players in the value chain meet and, at the same time, all players must also be integrated in it for a market to emerge. In the ramp-up of the Green Hydrogen Economies, supply and demand converge in the infrastructure. The ramp-up must happen in parallel in all of these areas, because none can exist without the others. This ramp-up needs coordination and a network to reach all players. HYPOS is predestined to play a decisive role as a communicator and coordinator in the ramp-up of a hydrogen infrastructure in Central Germany due to its extensive and professionally broad spectrum of members. As an intermediary between SME, industry and research as well as between economy and politics HYPOS offers the necessary platform to unite all actors of a future hydrogen market.

The transformation is still moving cautiously. HYPOS would like to accelerate this by developing synergies with players along the entire value chain as well as with other companies and industries. The ramp-up of production, distribution and use of green hydrogen cannot happen in isolation, but must be accelerated in parallel to be successful. HYPOS sees its responsibility in uniting and coordinating these areas and would like to create a functioning hydrogen economy as quickly as possible in close cooperation with you.

Projekt: Hydrogen Network Central Germany

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Johannes Wege
Managing Director

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