HYPOS competencies

HYPOS founded in 2013, networks partners from a broad pool of expertise from business and science, in which regional potential, expertise and experience come together. The initiative coordinates large companies in association with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as universities and research institutions.

Cluster Management

  • Support and consulting of members in implementation-oriented application projects
  • Workshops
  • Funding acquisition and consulting
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  • Publication of HYPOS members' topics via HYPOS channels (website, social media, newsletter).
  • Creation of visibility through HYPOWER Central Germany as a transnational showcase of the hydrogen region Central Germany
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HYPOS events

Mitteldeutscher Wasserstoffkongress

More than 400 visitors from science, industry and research

  • will address innovation projects, application issues and potentials of green hydrogen technologies,
  • receive expert contributions from members of the HYPOS consortium, external H2 experts and decision-makers,
  • inform themselves and discuss current topics and developments from the innovation industry.


The day event focuses on a topic from the value chain or on the HYPOS clusters

  • presents current developments from the HYPOS clusters and from users,
  • creates networking opportunities among each other.

Become a HYPOS member.

HYPOS which is anchored in Central Germany, now has over 170 members throughout Germany, including small and medium-sized enterprises, industry and large companies, as well as universities and research institutions. New partners are constantly joining the network. International attention and interest in HYPOS are also growing.

Companies, universities, research institutions, associations, clubs or similar institutions that are willing to promote the association's purpose, have already pursued association-related goals in their previous institutional activities or plan to do so in the future can become members of the association.

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